Bungalows & Suites

Privacy policy

The hotel has two types of rates:


Non-Refundable Rates:


Changes are not allowed and in case of cancellation there is no refund. Full payment of the stay is required when making the reservation.

Refundable Rates (standard):


Allows modification of dates, subject to availability and rate changes.


Cancellation policy:


  • If canceled:
    • More than 5 days before the arrival date – full refund
    • From 3 to 5 days before the arrival date – first-night charge
    • Less than 3 days (3 pm) before the arrival date – non-refundable


Change policy:


  • If you change:
    • More than 5 days before the arrival date – change without charge, rate adjustment applies if the selected date is more expensive.
    • From 3 to 5 (3 pm) days before the arrival date – a penalty of 25% of the cost of the first night, plus rate leveling, if the selected rate is more expensive.
    • Less than 3 (3 pm) days before the arrival date – a penalty of the first night, plus rate leveling if the selected date is more expensive.


No deposit is required, but a credit card guarantee is a must – Credit card verification will be made for the total amount of your reservation prior to your arrival.


These policies do not apply for stays of more than 14 days. Please contact us for reservations of more than 14 days.


  • Check-in: 3:00 p.m. / Check-out: 12:00 p.m. (additional charge may apply if you stay in the room after check-out time).
  • Minimum age for check-in: 18 years old.
  • Infants are under 8 years of age. Children allowed free of charge per room:
    • King:1
    • double queen, double king, and penthouses: 2
    • master suite: 3


*They must share existing beds with their parents, we do not have additional beds.

  • Information on tours, activities, spa services, and more available at reception.
  • Photo identification is required to register.
  • Upon check-in, a deposit of $500.00 pesos per room will be requested, refundable at check-out if no extra charges are incurred.
  • In attention to other guests, visits, parties, or meetings are not allowed in your room and in the hotel areas.
  • For greater hygiene and safety, no pets are allowed.
  • Pool hours: 9 am – 9 pm from Monday to Sunday.
  • Free private parking, subject to availability (maximum 15 cars).
  • Rates in European Plan (lodging only), taxes included, per room, per night, in Mexican Pesos.
  • Reservations or stays are NOT transferable.
  • The total of your stay will be settled at check-in, otherwise, it will be taken as a cancellation without the right to a refund of the advance payment.
  • Changes and cancellations in standard rate (refundable):
  • 5 days BEFORE your arrival, there is no charge
  • From 3 to 5 days BEFORE your arrival – the first night of penalty will be charged
  • Less than 3 days BEFORE your arrival a charge is generated of 100% of the total of your stay, it is non-refundable
  • The NON-Refundable rates do not allow changes or cancellations under any circumstances.
  • Cancellations from the second night are not allowed. They will generate a charge of 100% of the total stay.    
  • In reservations with stays for December 26 to January 3 and on Holy days, no changes or cancellations are allowed.
  • The hotel does not have facilities for people with disabilities.