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At The Paramar, we are inspired by our Bohemian Mexican heritage and the impressive natural landscapes of the sea and mountains that surround us. Always under a clear blue sky and with unparalleled service, our exclusive boutique hotel is located on the iconic Camarones Beach, a natural paradise with a Blue Flag certification thanks to the quality of its waters and soft sands. This warm coastal refuge is right at the beginning of the Puerto Vallarta Malecón, an unforgettable walk if you decide to visit the friendliest city in the world. Here you will find exquisite restaurants with delicious dishes and refreshing drinks, colorful boutiques with signature clothes and unique jewelry, exciting mountain tours, and much more. Additionally, so that you start your day on the right foot, at The Paramar, your reservation includes a complete à la carte breakfast, where you can enjoy everything from a light snack such as oatmeal or a bowl of fruit to some energizing Mexican-style molletes accompanied by a strong coffee. Enjoy a vacation like never before in a coastal paradise that you cannot miss. Visit Puerto Vallarta and discover the enchanting vibe of The Paramar Hotel Boutique with a tailor-made stay.

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The Paramar Beachfront Hotel Boutique PV
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This modern suite, with its two Queen-size beds and large balcony facing the sea, is the ideal setting for a vacation with friends. If you...
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